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Walking the Dog

This page will occasionally have dogs that we are re homing. Various ages.

Each dog will have their own story. 

There may be Maltese, Poodles or Maltipoo's.

 To adopt you must be within 4 hours of driving distance. 

Each have their own personalities and need homes to match.

There is a small adoption fee, and a contract to sign

Call or text. 931-349-5310

Sweet girl. Retired from breeding for a couple of years. Spayed. Great on a leash. Really enjoys walks in the park. Calm little girl, easily content with love, good food and walks. She does get irritated skin when summer comes around, manageable. 6 lbs. Great companion.

This little girl will watch your every move. She patiently watches as you do tasks and waits for your attention. Even when outside after her initial runaround the yard she'll stop and just watch for you to signal lets play, lets go etc. You can talk to her and see she is actively listening. She's content with affection, comfy bed, chew bones and a little outside time with you. 10 lbs.



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