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This page will have dogs that we are rehoming. Various ages. Each dog will have their own story. 

There may be Maltese, Poodles or Maltipoo's.

 Up for adoption for different reasons. Possibly because they have special needs or perhaps we bought him or her,  and its not a right fit for our breeding program. To adopt one you must be within 4 hours of driving distance. 

Each have their own personalities and need homes to match.

There is an adoption fee, and a contract to sign

Call or text. Schedule to meet them. 


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Red Poodle

Red Mini Male Poodle

(Mini's are 12 lbs plus)  He's spproximately 12 lbs will be neutered before adoption. Poodles are hypo-allergienic. 2nd most intelligent dog there is.

He's a sweetheart. Pee pad trained originally. He now goes out through a doggie door.  He was born October 25th 2020. He loves to play and jump. Very friendly. Has moments of shyness. He's very mindful and sometimes will just watch you, waiting for your attention. He needs daily outside time to run and play with you. Would be good with caring children. no tail pullers. 

If interested give me a call. You can also text and I can call you back.

He does have a special need that doesn't require much care.

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