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Meals for Fido and Me

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This page is dedicated to learning how to make meals that include both, yourself and your dog.

Learning to move away from manufactured foods.

Manufactured dog foods are expensive, minimum standard for our dogs health. More and more accidental poisoning and recalls.


Some things here may seem like common sense.

Reading and seeing it in practice will help to build confidence and help it to feel like the norm.

We will be adding video's of simple recipes. Sometimes just 2 ingredients. Food for both, human and canine. We welcome others to send video's of recipes that they share with their own Fido :)

You can send video's to

for consideration.


 'Meals for Fido and Me' Its free for Kindle members. Regardless, you can see the table of contents for free to see if you may be interested. The nutrient list will show how some things you already make pack a nutrient punch for both. Something you already do may be great for your dog too. Perhaps relieve some concerns about transitioning.


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