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  • For the first 2 days, starting from the time they leave here. Leave dry food accessible to them at all times. Offer fresh pet food every 2 hrs until bedtime. You may need to feed it from your hand. Always have water available to them.

  • Wake early the next morning and offer fresh pet food upon waking. Monitor that they are indeed eating.

  • Day 3 -- Refer to potty training and feeding routine. Feed 4 x a day.. and, If the pup is unsupervised, always leave food and water available for them...

For more information about feeding your puppy, go to


   Things you'll need-- (there are times we will change their dry food if a pup won't eat it)


  • Nutro-ultra for small breed puppy's (I will give you enough for a week) This is a tiny dry kibble.

  • Fresh pet, select. This is a refrigerated, rolled food, sold at Kroger, Petco and Walmart.  I will also send some home with you.

  • Kefir- is a yogurt in a drink form, sold at Walmart and usually Food Lion grocery stores. It only comes in a larger size. but still only a few dollars. This is good to help prevent stress on the digestion system that comes from change. Change can  be stressful and cause the bacteria coccidia. They do like strawberry flavored Kefir.. You can just put some on your finger and put it in their mouths. It has strains of probiotics that other yogurts do not have and can help prevent coccidia. And even alleviate symptoms if diagnosed with coccidia, before the medicine can ever begin to work. (you can refer to coccidia section of my site for more info..)

This is a puppy play gym. They can be found on Amazon (different colors). A good price is 40.00. They are often listed under the topic of crates. Do not get small.. and do not get velcro bottoms. They sell solid bottoms and zipper bottoms also..

If your vet tells you to buy the the food they sell, or tells you to start giving them nutri-cal. please call me. You trusted me to buy your pup from me, please don't stop once you take your pup home.

No pics on the same week a pup is picked up... Happy cute surprise!!


Briley and sergeant are the parents