When dogs are re-homed they do not come with registration papers.  If I haven't already spayed/neutered a dog, the expense will be to the customer.   Some dogs are non-breeding and do not need spay/neuter. Deposits are required to hold, either in person or through Paypal.

TIme to retire. While they are still young and can have a full life with a new family. At this age it is also hard for me to let go.. So there are some rules and a contract to sign that i take very seriously. Each one is looking for a particular home by their personality. If your interested email and tell me about yourself.  I've been blessed that everyone has kept up with me through the years.

You must be within driving distance.


All of my dogs go out to potty through a doggie door to a fenced yard. If you are not set up that way, then You will have to start just like potty training a puppy. A good routine for feeding and potty time. You can read more under potty training. They are quick to learn once they feel comfortable with their new homes. It can take a couple of weeks. Be prepared for pouting and being with a homesick dog for the first couple of weeks.






Adults for adoption

A very special little girl... Cookie


This little girl is 7 years old. 4 lb white maltese. She has had something very rare happen to her. She has Juvenile cataracts. It can be corrected although the cost is few thousand dollars. She is still independent when she memorizes her way around. But needs someone with the time to give lots of love. To see if you meet the qualifications to give her a new home, contact me. As all other dogs there is a contract. She is spayed.

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