Adults for adoption

Call or text 
to find out more and price.

Each one is looking for a particular home by their personality. If your interested contact me and tell me about yourself.  

All of my dogs go out to potty through a doggie door to a fenced yard. If you are not set up that way, then you will have to start as if potty training a puppy.  By having a good routine for feeding and potty time.  You can read more under potty training. They are quick to learn once they feel comfortable with their new homes. It can take a couple of weeks. Be prepared for pouting (not always, but it happens.) You'll need to give Lots of love, good food, and a have a routine. 

Majority of adults rehomed are 600. (200 to reserve)
They can be different ages but typically 6-8 years of age.

Must be close enough to come in person.
Contact me for any questons.


Cricket maltese. approx 4 lbs.


(I call her tinker toy

Angel will be ready for her new home in June. If interested you can still visit and place a deposit.