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When moms begin labor, they can produce a bacteria in their digestive system called coccidia. It is a natural part of the dog, they all have it but isn't harmful unless a puppy gets stressed. It's hard to diagnose with adults because they usually shrug it off quickly, not causing them any harm. However puppy's can produce it for the first time when weaning. we keep weaning pups as stress free as possible, by slowly separating them from mom, they slowly gain some independence. until the time comes that she pushes them away completely (during 6th week).  It may take 3-7 days after the initial stress to show itself.  I like to keep pups for a week after weaning to watch for this and  to make sure they re fully independent from mom. There is another time they produce it and that is after  leaving me. Traveling (that is one reason we do not fly pups cargo) and in a new environment, may produce coccidia.

Keeping them stress free, will be the key. having a good routine prepared for them and following through helps them feel secure quickly. It also potty trains them quickly.

I will say that if you are planning on putting a puppy in a cage you will more than likely have a pup producing coccidia.  Sometimes crying til they get sick and you probably won't have a potty trained pup anytime soon. Please read our potty training section.

Understanding how we raise our pups and making your routine similar will go a long way..


What exactly is Coccidia? The bacteria is active in their digestive system. You may see your pup straining and think they are constipated. They are not.

Their stools are too soft to pass.

Also you may see a dot of blood in the stool.

You may see mucousy stools.


What is done about it? The vet will give you Albon (about 10.00) its a liquid that is given to the pup once a day for 10 days. I am a little more proactive.

If they get it  I will give and  suggest if your pup ever gets it, that along with albon to give probiotics. The probiotics sold to dogs in the pet stores are not good enough. I will give a probiotic (a very tip of a tsp size) with 85 billion live cultures and 32 strains. WHY? because the albon takes days to work. The probiotic will have the pup getting a solid stool within 2-3 hours. If the pup doesn't have a stool on day 2, I will give another dose of the probiotic. This gives more immediate relief until the albon works.

Kefir has many of the strains needed to help coccidia.


More than likely if your waiting for your pup, you have a routine in place when your pup arrives home and will not have to worry about coccidia. If they get it here I take care of it.



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