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Reserved Puppies
Pups as they grow

Reserved pups appear here.
New pictures and/or video's added weekly

Lizzy Biscuit and Tuckers little girl

Aileen's little CeCe Biscuit and Tuckers 

Julie's Biscuit and Tuckers puppy

Things you'll need or may need

play gym.jpg

Play gyms can also be searched under the term crate.  These are good for the first couple of weeks if unsupervised. If unsupervised and you have other dogs that will jump on it, they can get collapsed inside.

These are Soft sided. Folds easily, cleans easily. You'll need an attached or zipper bottom (not velcro) Medium is best. The size  differences are huge. small is too small, they can climb out.

You won't need these but for the first couple of weeks: or if before all vaccines, if you have the kids ball games for ex. these are good for travel so your pup doesn't touch the ground.

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