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Silver's and Boo's pups have decided they no longer want the Halo puppy food. I've got them on Nutro for small breed puppy's. They gobble it up one day and take their time the next. They are all playing and have fat little belly's. Just being stubborn about their food. Since they are very small and puppy's they either need food to be available at all times and measure the amt you put down so you can monitor how much they are eating. Which if going to be left alone and in a playgym for any amount of time that is what you have to do anyhow.  Also for the first few days while getting use to their new environment they can be afraid during the adjustment and not want to eat anyhow, so definitely spoil them with whatever they want and however much they want. 


After the first few days, when they are eating well and comfortable in their new environment, you can go back to feeding them to 3 times a day, and treats (if you are home and able to do that) (otherwise leave food and water while away)


If you have problems getting them to eat their food, its a good idea to have freshpet select on hand. This has all the nutrients they need and actually the preferred food. They will always eat that. Unfortunately most people just want to scoop the food and go.  Freshpet needs to be refrigerated, and can only be picked up at krogers or a petstore, it can not be shipped to your home. So that makes it inconvienent. They will also always eat chicken but with little puppy's, they not only need the protein but also complex carbohydrates, which does not come from chicken. So you don't want them only eating chicken because they use alot of energy and we don't want hypo-glycenmia to develop. Mixing chicken in with food will sometimes promote them to eat their food.


If you already have a different food in mind, that's fine. but remember they need very small bites of kibble if giving a hard dog food. You may only want to get small bags because they may be unable to eat it. I will send home food with you and you can keep them on it or after a few days start to mix your food with the existing to see if they'll even try it. Sometimes softening the food, just a couple of tbs of water and letting sit for a few minutes will make it easier to eat but sometimes they refuse it that way... If they were grown dogs it would all be a whole different story. lol but with pups they really need to be babied to give them what they want.


They are very small so they don't eat alot at once but need to eat often.  Please read the feeding and potty training section, that will pertain to you after you get through your first few days and they feel at home.


Also remember if you are feeding them a good and natural moist food that you should supply an assortment of dog bones (not dog treats but actual bones that are for dogs, so they don't splinter) This is for their teeth. (It may be a few weeks before they take to the dog bones, its an age thing) While dry foods do help clean their teeth, dry and wet dog foods with sugars such as corn etc can actually cause teeth to erode. All of walmarts dog foods primary ingredient is corn, which is sugar and not intended for puppys or dogs.



Reserved Maltipoo Pups page

  • For the first 2 days, starting from the time they leave here. Leave dry food accessible to them at all times. Offer 'fresh pet' food every 2 hrs until bedtime. You may need to feed it from your hand. Always have water available to them.

  • Wake early the next morning and offer fresh pet food upon waking. Monitor that they are actually eating.

  • Day 3 -- Refer to potty training and feeding routine. Feed 4 x a day.. and, If the pup is unsupervised, always leave food and water available for them...Instructions may be different depending on your pup. But when leaving they are usually afraid and are not wanting to eat but the have too.

For more information about feeding your puppy, go to


This is a puppy play gym. They can be found on Amazon (different colors). A good price is 40.00. They are often listed under the topic of crates. Do not get small and do not get velcro bottoms. They also sell solid bottoms and zipper bottoms.

Linda's pup  (Daisy and Sergeant are the parents)

Paulina's pup (Daisy and Sergeant are the parents)

Rusty and Nancy's pup 

(Daisy and Sergeant are parents)

   Things you'll need-- (there are times we will change their dry food if a pup won't eat it)


  • Nutro-ultra for small breed puppy's (I will give you enough for a week) This is a tiny dry kibble.

  • Fresh pet, Select. This is a refrigerated, rolled food, sold at Kroger, Petco and Walmart.  I will also send some home with you. The only preservative is the refrigerator.

  • Kefir- is a yogurt in a drink form, sold at Walmart and usually Food Lion grocery stores. It only comes in a larger size. but still only a few dollars. This is good to help prevent stress on the digestion system that comes from change. Change can  be stressful and cause the bacteria coccidia. They do like strawberry flavored Kefir.. You can just put some on your finger and put it in their mouths. It has strains of probiotics that other yogurts do not have and can help prevent coccidia. Kefir can even alleviate symptoms if diagnosed with coccidia, before the medicine can ever begin to work. (you can refer to coccidia section of my site for more info..)


Rudy barking


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