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When bathing, use gentle shampoo's and warm water. Check the water temp before bathing your pup. Only use an astringent like dawn dish soap if you see fleas. Be careful of the eyes and ears. Cover each eye and each ear as you clean them. If drops of water get into the ear, it can quickly cause an ear infection. Towel dry your pup very well, use the towel to clean the ears too, to remove moisture. Towel dry legs by letting the towel absorb the moisture, gentle squeeze. Just be very gentle and re assuring. I usually sing to them or hum a tune.  When you blow dry them, make sure your arm or hand is always where you are getting blown dry too so you can feel what they feel. Don't stay in one spot very long, keep it moving. if you have a little help, if you can brush and blow dry at the same time it will be a lot quicker. Other wise every couple minutes bursh then turn the blow dryer back on. repeat until completely dry. I use a slicker brush (be gentle they can hurt) or a comb if want to keep the dog curly instead of a big poof ball.  Even after they are dry they will have a chill. so keep them in a warm area. I usually put them in heated room or sun filled porch or under a heat lamp. As they get old and just run everywhere they won't have that chill. After bathing and drying i clip nails and check their ears. Be careful with q-tips, if using them make sure you are firmly holding the pups head so they have no quick movements that will push the qtip to puncture an ear drum. When you trim their nails only do the tips, even if they have grown quite a bit. As they grow so do the vessels. So if they have gotton too long, just do it next week too til they are under control and then check once a month. Good to have septic powder on hand in case you do trim them too short. Those little vessels if cut can produce alot of bleeding that won't stop easily without the septic powder. You can find septic powder in petstores or in the beard and mustach section of your local store or pharmacy.

If you have eye drainage, get Angel Eyes and follow directions. Usually can't start them til 12 wks. all the other stuff is a waste of money and becomes very frustrating. The Angel Eyes vitamins really work. One suggestion, instead of putting in the food give directly...

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