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All puppy's are born with worms. WHY? it starts with roundworms. Even though the mom may be wormed or on preventatives for worms, there are always roundworms that will go dormant. While dormant they do not hurt anything. When a mom starts to lactate, the pups feed and the worms see an opportunity to live again and pass through the mothers milk into the pups lungs, the pup will cough and re-swallow the roundworm into their digestive system. Pups can not be wormed until 2 weeks of age and are wormed every 2 weeks while here. Every time a dog touches the ground, there is some kind of worm or parasite that will find itself to your dog. Pinworms, roundworms, whipworms are the most common. Then there is the tapeworm, Tapeworms are expected when ever they are not on a flea prevention. They can not begin flea prevention until 12 weeks or 3 lbs .Tapeworm medicine has the same rule. So a puppy may have tapeworms until 12 wks of age. That is ok, just take care of it as soon as the vet gives the ok. Your vet will do a fecal at your first vet visit. If I see signs, I will let you know, I will usually pick up the medicine for you to give to them at 12 weeks or as soon as your vet says. We are under a good flea prevention system but just one flea can cause it.



Signs of a tapeworm--you will see what looks like rice around their bottoms. That is not the worm but segments of the worm...

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