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About Maltipoos

There are many informative video's that show how amazing both breeds are. I love the poodle tricks and wanted to share this video with you.

Maltipoo's are a mix of Poodle and Maltese



Poodles are originally water retrievers. They are the 2nd smartest dog in the world, FACT. They have hair, not fur. Meaning they are hypo-allergenic. They come in different colors and sizes. They do need grooming and there is a potential to have future eye problems. Otherwise they are known to be a very healthy breed. They will be with you for a very long time because they have very long lives.

As you can see, both breeds are incredible.


Maltese are small little dogs. They are also Hypoallergenic. Although they are thought of as having long straight hair, that is not always the case. Many Maltese have wavy hair. The Maltese only come in the color white. Maltese are known to be friendly and fun. 


Our Maltipoo's

are Hypo-allergenic. - We have had many people who have never been able to have a pet. They are unsure if they could really have a Maltipoo because of their allergies. Every person that has visited and got a baby from us has done great. They have got their first puppy ever and never had a problem. Their hair will come out when bathed or brushed, just like a person's hair. You won't find hair all over the furniture.

Our Maltipoo's  are gentle, they don't have a mean bone in their little bodies. - Some people are use to larger breeds and think they need to see their dispositions as they grow older. It's not like that with Maltipoo's. They are all sweet natured. They play and love with all they have. Every now and again we will have one a little more shy and mindful, watching before acting. Of course depending on their owners they may grow spoiled. Training Maltipoo's is in fact, really training the owners. Even if one of our dogs are barking at a stranger, anyone can still pet them and may get overwhelmed with kisses. Puppy's do like toe nibbling but thats not meanness, thats the only way they know how to play since they don't have little arms and hands. That's how they play with their litter mates and they will outgrow it soon. Protect toes with house shoes. I like tweety bird and other toy type house slippers so they also learn to play with toys not toes.​
Our most common size at Pocketpoo's, is 4-6 Lbs at maturity.
We have multi colors . Occasionally we have very curly and at times straight hair, but our most common hair type is a medium curl. Not tight curls and not straight hair but a good medium fluffy soft curl. This type of curl is kinda like a perm. You can brush and blow dry and get fluff or you can scrunch their hair and blow dry on low to get a more curled look.


about matlipoo's
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