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Feeding your new puppy

If your picking up your pup... The pup ate 1-2 hrs prior to your pick up, so they wouldn't get sick (some times they may get car sick during first 15 minutes of riding). Feed them, after 2 hrs in the car. The food is in your bag. If they get sick, DO NOT withhold food, keep feeding.. When home, keep the dry food at easy access to them at all times. Give them the fresh pet every 2 hrs up until bedtime..


THESE ARE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for first couple of days of having your pup...They are scared, and don't want to eat. THEY HAVE TO... Put the fresh pet in your hand if need to, and never walk away and think they will eat on their own.. They are scared and need you there. 

This is no different than a new born baby. You don't set a plate of food down and say "HERE!"

The more activity the more frightened they will be.. Anxious people that are not part of your everyday household should wait to see the baby.. They do not know who to trust yet and it will be confusing.

It will only take up to a couple of days before they will be playing and running the household, like they do here.

HERE- I keep food available for them at all times. They are comfortable and eat when they are hungry, they go to pee pad to potty. During the winter they do not go out to potty here. It will take at least 2 days to be comfortable in their new surroundings if you follow the instructions on feeding. 

IF, you pup strains to potty soon after getting them and they will not poo, but just strain, call me, they may be constipated from traveling..

If your pup is being delivered, feed them immediately. Also ask the driver the last time they ate and how much they ate.

The information about how to feed and potty train is under the potty training section.

I  do prefer fresh pet, select. They all love that. It is a soft food found at Kroger or pet stores and now its also available in Walmart. It can not be ordered online. Not being able to order online prevents a lot of people from buying it. Also people just want to open a bag and pour. With fresh pet you have to break it up and it needs to take space in the fridge. Since pups do not need to change food as soon as they leave me. I had to find a food that was a kibble, that is healthy and that is tiny bite sizes and that they all like, and that customers can buy online if needed. quite a feat....


With dry dog food, it all has preservatives. Fresh pets preservative is a refrigerator. Dog food companies also have to add bulk. They use sugar to bulk the food. Things like flour, rice, potatoes or corn or tapioca and meal. Meal, such as chicken meal is ground bones and not digestible. The front of a dog food bag may say chicken and rice. they usually mean chicken meal. They only have to be honest in their ingredients listed on the back of the bag. Ingredients are listed in order from most to least. After about the first 6 ingredients everything else is in minut amts..

for ex. they advertise for urinary health. That typically means cranberry is in it. When you look at the ingredients, it will be the last ingredient of maybe 20 ingredients before it. It does not matter what the front of the bag looks like or says.


Dogs, like people need complex carbohydrates with protein in our diets.

I did write a book,  with more info.

We usually eat meals with protein (chicken or eggs, for ex) then veggy (say carrots for ex) then a carb (perhaps a bread but not necessary to have) the carrots have your veggy nutrients and your carbohydrates.

dogs need the same thing.


You wouldn't want to eat candy bars and lard every few hrs. correct. You would get very sick and tired.

Your healthy body would start to become hypo-glycemic.

I am saying this so you don't feed your puppy canned food thinking its a treat. canned food is the worst food you can give your pup. They will get diareah. they will get rotten teeth. Things like nutri-cal is sugar. just like feeding them a candy bar. it does have vitamins, but if your food isn't giving them the nutrients they need. switch foods or at least supplement with a vitamin. Nutri-cal is like giving sugar. It spikes up giving a quick burst of energy just to get you through enough time to have a meal. if you don't eat a meal or something healthy soon your gonna crash. be more tired than you were before you ate that candy bar. if you do this to your baby, you will cause them to get sick. Nutri-cal was made for pups who are hypo-glycemic to give a quick rush so they wont die and you hopefully get a few minutes to do other things to neutralize the problem. The pups you take home are not sick. But canned food and nutrical (lard and sugar) can make them sick.


Its very simple. Feed them a healthy food.  Protein and complex carbs. Don't change the food I give you, for at least 2 wks after you have them. You want to slowly change a baby's life and routine.

If you add chicken to their food for the  1st 2 days because they aren't wanting to eat and that's very enticing to them. don't let that be the only food. They exert a lot of energy and need both types of food; protein and complex carbs. It would be just to get their appetite going.


How much should you feed them. Well you can keep food  available to them. They don't over eat. So as long as they are familiar and know where it is, than that's fine. However most people want to start out feeding several times a day until they through potty training, which is fine too. Just put the food down, let them eat as much as they want in one setting and pull it up until the next feeding. You can read more about potty training under that section. Once completely potty trained just leave the food out and give em the run of the household...


Soft food like fresh pet, does not cause cavities or rotten teeth. People have the misconception that their dog needs hard kibble to keep their teeth clean. Unfortunately the dog food companies have so much sugar in dog food that it can rot their teeth. So if you do decide to give a preservative free soft food just give your dog, dog bones also. It doesn't hurt to brush teeth their either. Brushing is healthy for their teeth and gums, just like ours. Just stay away from fluoride. Dog toothpaste is sold and doesn't have fluoride.


Over the years family, friends, the internet and even Vets have given bad information to my new puppy owners.

If in question please ask me...I will only give info to protect my babies. I do what I love and love talking about them. Questions are always welcome.








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