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Hi Jennifer,Thought I would send you some new pictures of our little guy and girl. They are such wonderful additions to our family. Trista and Pearl are having a great time in college. I am so glad Trista has her to keep her company. They both have adjusted well .


He has a house full of toys ( I do mean they are all over the House) When I pick them up to put in his toy box he goes right straight and pulls all of them back out and just stands there and looks at me with his little tongue out, like " Don't do that again" He still sticks his tongue out at me Sometimes!! You know the blue bear you gave us that we brought home with Benny? He still has it and wants it in the bed with him when we go to bed. That is the only toy he ever picks up and carries to bed with him. I think he may have that bear the rest of his life, cause he sleeps with it. He is beautiful inside and out. I say he is my little piece of heaven. God sent him to me, because he has been such a blessing. <BR>Thank You


Just wanted to say hi and let you know Sunny is great. He's turning 7 in August, I can't believe it!! Michelle


Supporting the Vols! Her picture was sent to Volzeye channel 8 news in Knoxville and she was picked to be the featured pet.

Jenny (KY)

I have severe pet allergies and found Jennifer's website by chance while searching for hypoallergenic dogs. From the beginning Jennifer was very informative and friendly. We took the leap and reserved a little boy that had not yet been born. From that point on I feel like she went above and beyond. She emailed me the night he was born and stayed in touched up until the day we picked him up. We were able to watch the webcam once a week and she sent pictures each week. When we picked him up we ended up bringing home two. I have not had allergic reactions. Over the last four years we have purchased a total of six babies from Jennifer.

We have found she is not your typical breeder. She does not just breed and sell her dogs. She truly makes you feel like your involved the entire first eight weeks of their lives. It's a special experience.

These little dogs are very friendly and loving. They are very intelligent so their easy to train. All of mine eat and drink from the same bowl and not territorial. I personally have not had any negative experience with Jennifer and would recommend her to anyone looking for a maltipoo!


Stephanie (NY)

I have met the most amazing people through the years. I absolutely dedicate this page to them. Thank you, for keeping in touch with me. Thinking to send me pictures and stories. Sharing vacation pictures, Christmas pictures and even your Pocketpoo's birthday photos. Thank you very much. You have also allowed me to share pictures with future customers that have helped many know the look and characteristics their pup would have as an adult.

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