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We want each puppy to go to their perfect home. We want to make sure that your/our puppy is well cared for. We also want to make sure even a new puppy parent, that has never had a pet is prepared and confident on how to care for them.

Our Guarantee is to protect all 3 party's. You, Me and absolutely the puppy.

No question is Silly or a bother, but rather for the puppy's sake, so please ask them.

HEALTH GUARANTEE ( I.) Seller guarantees that your new puppy is in good health at the time of sale. Seller will provide buyer with a medical chart detailing treatment puppy has received under the seller's care. Future care that the seller requires to validate this agreement is written under General I. ( II.) Seller guarantees that your new puppy is free of life threatening genetic diseases or disabilities for up to a period of 1 year. Any genetic disability’s usually show itself within 9 months of a puppy’s birth, according to research. To validate this guarantee, buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian, and have documentation to the inherited defect. This Includes; records kept up to that time of diagnosis. The puppy must have had all the proper care up to that time. Proper care is defined under General III. If the Buyer neglects to take the puppy for exams, the Buyer will accept immediate and full responsibility for the puppy’s health. All veterinarian bills are the responsibility of the Buyer. Should any life threatening genetic diseases or disabilities be discovered during this exam, they must be attested to in writing to the seller or sellers veterinarian by the buyer's licensed veterinarian and puppy must be returned to the seller within 72 hours of findings. Transport will be at the buyer’s expense. Seller will then provide the buyer with a replacement pet quality puppy valued at the same price as they the buyer originally paid, as soon as such a puppy is available to seller. Seller may refund 100% of purchase price. No exchange will be made after the 72 hour guaranteed period. If after 72 hours the seller may accept the puppy’s return at the buyer’s expense but there may or may not be any refunds or a replacement puppy. You can be assured if there ever were any genetic disability’s that the seller would care for the puppy, or find a home equipped to care for the puppy. A puppy would not be put down for a disability. GENERAL ( I.) Seller shall not be held responsible for any acts of the Puppy. The seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the premises. Seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, mortality, landlord's disapproval, allergy to animal, disagreement of family, etc. All sales are final. ( III.) Buyer agrees to exercise normal care in maintaining puppy's health. Routine preventive care includes the following: Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian, scheduled vaccinations. Routine fecal examinations and annual screening test for heartworm detection and/or preventative for heartworms at or before 6 months of age. The rabies vaccination as mandated by buyer's state of residence must be done. ( IV) This guarantee will exclude the common eye drainage that this and other small breeds have, which can easily be treated with grooming and cleaning and now with the product Angel Eyes. We can not guarantee a pups size and weight. We can only go by the parent’s size and weight to estimate the new pups future size and weight. ( IV) Deposits are non-refundable, ask any questions necessary to make sure this puppy is the right choice for your family. Pocketpoos
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