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Maltipoo puppy


What vaccinations will my pup have and/or need?
At 6 weeks puppy's get their first parvo vaccine. At 8 weeks they get Parvo, Distemper and Coronavirus vaccines. Pups usually leave me by this age but If I have them longer for any reason they will say utd as long as they are here. At Pocketpoo's, vaccines are given at 6,.8,12 and 16 weeks. Veterinarians recommendations will vary from vet to vet.
Will vaccinations make my puppy sick?

Puppy's occasionally get sick from vaccinations. I've not had any allergic reactions to the Parvo vaccine. That is why when they are 6 weeks that is the only vaccine they get. An allergic reaction can be immediate and up to 6 hrs after vaccinations. Symptoms can be lethargic, diarrhea, vomiting. I always have liquid benedryl just in case. (never give benedryl as a preventative) treat the symptoms only. If you leave the vet and hours later your puppy is feeling sick, call your vet and get the dosage for your pups weight. Since you were just there they know the current weight.  


NOTE: Shihtzu, Shihpoo's, Malshipoo's are sensitive to lyme disease vaccination. Typical reaction is quick. Their little faces have blown up like balloons. Northern veterinarians recommend the lyme disease vaccinations. We suggest that you use tick prevention on dogs since lyme disease comes from ticks.

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