Our puppies are the sweetest, healthiest and absolutely the most adorable around. After reserving, your personal slideshow will be on the reserved page. Pictures will be added every weekend, so you can watch your puppy grow.

Maltipoo puppies

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Corona Virus - For everyone's safety,  on day of pick up.- Your pups grooming will be scheduled around your pups pick up time. Masks required. Transactions outdoors. Parents available to see outdoors also. 

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2020 - 2021 we are breeding for colors of white, black. and possibly black with some white (paws, neck belly). Also chocolate and shades of brown. Occasionally a silver might pop up. 

The pictures below are informational only. They are not for sale.

Most people call red and apricots brown. They are not. Brown is typically more rare than red. This is because a red poodles gene is dominant. When bred with a  Maltese ( Maltese only come in white) you will have apricot and white or red and white pups. With a red poodle there will always be a type of red produced. When a Maltese is bred with a Chocolate poodle, chocolate is not a dominant gene. White and chocolate often produce black pups, black and white, or shades of brown. Below are some shades that come from them. Many browns will have brown noses. When this happens you will often see the pup has green eyes. I also want to express that you can't just see a picture and say I want one like that​. More than likely that shade will never be reproduced in quite the same way again. They are unique. So your choices are a shade of brown or dark chocolate. I also want to note that most Chocolate poodles are standard size. It is very difficult to find a tiny toy chocolate poodle. Which in turn makes it even more rare to have a brown or chocolate Maltipoo. I hope this helped.

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