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Bringing your puppy home

How should I travel with my pup?

What should I bring?

Should I stop to let my puppy potty?

Will my pup get car sick, if so what should I do?

What should I bring?

For a long trip, these are things I suggest in order to be prepared.

​A towel - If you want to hold them but afraid of car sickness

​A carrier - A place for your pup to rest and give you a break, a place to potty.

​Pee pads/ newspaper - so they have something to potty on.

​Plastic bags - to throw out their trash, pee pads etc.

​Paper towels - to clean any mess

​possibly wipes - in case they do get car sick, you can wipe their mouths. easy clean up for any situation

​Water bottle - quick access to supply them water when needed

​Food - I will send some home with you

Food dish for obvious reasons, doggie bed, toys, and chewing bone.


Note- many people ask if they can rub a toy or blanket on the mom so the pup feels secure. It really isn't necessary because the pup is completely weaned before leaving, meaning mom is already back in the girls play room, playing with her friends. If the pup is lonely it will be because they are not with siblings. But in all my experience they would always prefer human company.

Will my puppy get car-sick?

It is rare that a puppy gets car sick. But it's possible and its better to be prepared.

note: On the day of pick up, we will feed them hours before leaving so they have plenty of time to empty their belly's before getting in the car.

Wonder if my pup has the rare event of getting sick periodically through our trip home? Keep them in their carrier. Not only can they rest and Keep your car clean, they will have a place to have constant access to water. Depending on the distance of your trip, offer food every 4 hours (2 hours if very small pups). Just offer a small amount of the food I give to you.

If they throw it up. That's ok, Just clean and offer food again in 2 to 4 hours. Once home, keep free access to food (where they can easily find it, near doggie bed etc.)

Do not withhold food if they get sick. The healthiest dog or even a person could have an hypoglycemic reaction. Try offering food in your hand if they don't want to eat. Chicken (unseasoned, not cooked with grease, just plain ole chicken) is usually your best chance of getting them to eat. Your biggest job after getting your puppy is feeding.  Keep them fed.

Should I stop to let my pup potty in grass?

Never let your pup out of the car to potty. We have been very careful not to ever let your puppy be exposed to PARVO. Parvo can kill a puppy within hours to days. It lives in the ground. It can even be picked up on your shoes and carried with you. Never let them touch foreign ground (unless your own yard) Keep shoes away from their access and read more under the Parvo section.

For those having your pup delivered, the driver will never let the pup leave their safe area. This includes every destination even as far as NY or Canada.

What should I expect on our pick up day?

We will have your pick up day scheduled weeks in advance.

When you arrive your puppy will be groomed and ready. Your pups parents will be available for you to see. Their pup bag with food and paperwork will be ready. Feel free to ask any questions.



Kids and the occasional adult need to be careful of these things.

Be cautious of doors, often people, especially children do not realize that a puppy is on their heels and will go to slam a door behind them. A puppy can be seriously injured in a door.

Be cautious of the bed or any furniture. When first getting a pup they may think they are related to superman. They may think they can jump off a chair, couch or bed. They can not without getting hurt. Later as they mature they can.

Bedtime, be cautious and don't let children play with pups on the bed, the pup often jumps backwards when playing and they don't realize their limits because they are just baby's. They can get a broken leg from bouncing off the bed. Bed is for bedtime, as long as that's always the case, they will understand.

Careful of furniture that reclines, they can get caught under it, especially if you don't see the pup and the chair is reclined, putting the chair forward can crush the baby... if you don't see a pup, they are usually closer to you than you think, they want to be with you, so they are near....


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