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Maltipoo puppy

Parvo and Prevention

Parvo comes from the ground. It can live in the ground for up to 10 years. A puppy is exposed from being on that ground or to something else that has been exposed to that ground.

Any public place is a very very dangerous. Especially dangerous if a pup hasn't had all 4 Parvo vaccinations. The most exposure they will have will be from feet. If you walk in a store, perhaps Walmart; its as simple as stepping in someone else's foot steps. Kinda like a sick kid going to school, maybe touch their face then their desk and then the next kid touches the desk until the whole school is sick within the week. Parvo can attack as soon as a few hours of exposure until a few days after exposure. Ironic enough, pups love to play with shoes.

Another way they can get it is from direct contact. Putting them on the veterinarians floors, parks, ball park, pet stores (groomers won't even see them until they have all 4 Parvo vaccines) but a pet store will let them inside. Any public place is dangerous. Your own yard? possibly.

I suggest only wearing shoes that you wear around the house but no where else. That your going out shoes stay far from puppy's reach. I suggest if they haven't had all 4 Parvo vaccines to go in and out the same door and take the same path in your yard and keep the same potty place instead of going all over the yard. Stay away from the frequent walked area of your yard, usually the car to the door.


Puppy play gyms are great for going to ball games or to Granma's. They are lightweight and easily portable. Anyone can simply pick them up and love on em anytime without them touching the actual ground.

A lot of city goers will buy them socks to wear out and be cautious of their little mouths touching anything.


Once they have all 4 parvo vaccines they are still not completely protected, perhaps 80%. A mature immune system will protect them approximately 95%. It is possible for an adult to get parvo but the majority of the time they will get a little sick and shrug it off if they are exposed and contract it.


  • Carry them or have a puppy play gym in public.

  • Keep all outside shoes out of reach, don't let them enter the home.

  • Trust your own yard to take them to the same area to potty

  • City goers that have to take them in public to potty, i suggest multiple pair of socks and be mindful of their mouths licking or even sniffing to closely.


Signs of Parvo-- A puppy or dog is never lethargic, lethargic is the first sign. At this time go to the vet, even if its 2am. They may not make it til morning. Make sure you have a veterinarian that is on call.

A vet will give fluids through an IV with antibiotics and possibly give phenergan.  WHEN you call the vet, IF they say probably worms, NO NO NO. Its not worms, thats someone being lazy.

2nd sign. can be any of these. Throwing up, diarreah or both. Soon their will be blood .

Whats happening? Parvo is very very evil, one of the biggest evils that I have ever seen. It is eating the stomach lining of your pup, Quickly....The pup is now dehydrating to death.

Pup can last maybe hours to a few days (doubtful) GO TO THE VET.


Don't listen to anyone telling you what to do. They are wrong. Never force fluids. You will be making the baby dehydrate faster. Not only will they throw up the forced fluids, bowel comes up with it making them dehydrate faster. They need an IV.


Do not hesitate if you see a lethargic pup. Go directly to the vet. Get payment arrangements if you need to, just go. This disease is heartbreaking and should be avoided at all costs. If not taken to the vet, they will soon cry like a human child. Sorry, You need to know this. You are in control of this baby, it can be prevented.


I hate telling you this but its necessary. I have had people in the past come to me for a pup because they got a pup from another breeder who didn't warn them. Unfortunately I can not sell them a pup. They have parvo. Every pup in that home will be sick and possibly die.

I've also had people come that know the rules of parvo and seem to want to put our puppy in the grass before leaving. Be careful, I may just give you your money back. We have safe areas for that reason.

Do not stop on the way home to let puppy potty at the rest stops or gas stations either. Have a carrier and pee pads. This is the only time a pup is ok being forced to pee or poo where they sleep. Just clean up quickly.

I have kept your pup parvo free, please continue keeping them safe.


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