About us

Cookeville, TN.


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We are a small kennel, located in Cookeville TN.  We have different colors of Maltipoo puppies.

Our typical sizes are 4 plus lbs.

We breed for quality healthy pups, not for quantity. We do not believe in cages for housing or crate training. We will never endanger our pups by flying them cargo. We have drivers if needed and customers are also welcome to fly here.

Update- 2020 has been a hard year to get even my regular drivers to commit to deliveries 8 weeks in advance. If you are over 7 hours from us, you may need to fly into the Nashville airport. Returning with your pup in cabin with you. Flying has been cheaper than paying drivers at this time. I will keep my site updated if anything changes. 


I attended Columbia Community College for Veterinarian Technician.

I've been working with dogs for 20 years.

Training , breeding and day care. I also do my own grooming.

maltipoo puppies in movie 3 days 3 nights

We were very excited that a few of our dogs were filmed in this movie.