Updates and information


Note- If you are driving from another state to pick up your pup, The small purse puppy bags are not adequate room for a pee pad, free movement nor food dishes. Even if you anticipate holding them most of the time, they'll still need to potty, have free movements and to drink and eat.

Please read Parvo info.

Staying over night anywhere? keep in mind about parvo. There is a section on my site addressing the severity of it, prevention. You can also talk to your veterinarian. There is a real risk.  Although getting home quickly is best, if you do stay overnight anywhere, keep exposure to others to a minimum (they don't know who to trust, who they belong to yet). Minimize confusion. Have a play gym for feeding and free movement. Cages, carriers and feeling alone will make stress worse, only suggested for driving time, as needed. 

Puppies aren't going to be interested in dry kibble food. Although they are eating some, it is not enough to sustain them. So i'd suggest keeping it available when your at home. Freshpet ( a complete food) or I serve chicken, eggs mixed with flakes of dry oats and veggies, is the main staple.

They will eat this before anything. Their go to food-- for their trip will probably be cesar can food.

During your trip, although love and coddling is great. Play and playful talk will get them out of their own heads and eating.

FEED FEED FEED, keep feeding keep offering. Try bowl, or your hand. 

If a pup gets carsick, DO NOT WITHHOLD FOOD.  Keep offering, keep feeding.

Once they are home is usually when they start to incorporate. Meaning feeling safe to eating, playing and pooing. I wouldn't suggest staying overnight anywhere unless necessary and be prepared. As always, contact me for any concerns.

You can pay your balance at any time. Just let me know if you need a paypal request sent. Your welcome to pay cash at 8 week old, puppy pick up. Let me know and I'll have a receipt prepared.


On the day of pick up please confirm your anticipated pick up time. We are timing feeding and grooming with your pick up. 

Please limit 2 people getting out of the vehicle. I will have pup on the carport groomed and ready. Parents will be a few feet away for you to see.

We're being Corona careful.....