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Note- If you are driving from another state to pick up your pup, The small purse puppy bags are not adequate room for a pee pad, free movement nor food dishes. Even if you anticipate holding them most of the time, they'll still need to potty, have free movements and to drink and eat.

Please read Parvo info. 

Remember to scoot your feet not step, They will absolutely be between your feet, or under them. Or just carry them from room to room with you.  Stepping on them is a real thing. Its like having a 1 year old. We have to be mindful, they are not capable yet.

At pick up We will bring your puppy and their supplies to the carport. Because of weather, and pups can't be in the cold we will try to move along quickly. 

Before pick up 

We will feed your pup 2 hours before leaving. That way, they are fed but long enough ago to help prevent car sickness. It doesn't happen often. Then bath time tends to wear them out. So "hopefully" during a stressful travel time they will sleep. We will have them groomed directly before leaving.

During your trip, although love and coddling is great. Play and playful talk will get them out of their own heads and eating.

Routine's before leaving may vary. I will let you know about your litter, particular puppy

Eat fresh pet at Breakfast 7:30/8am 

When finished I'll have a bowl of dry food with a little bit of water on it to moisten. They can eat it dry but its easier because of little baby teeth if moistened. Also less of a mess. Youll see :)

Always have water available.

Dinner is 6 / 6:30pm Freshpet

and after I make sure to supply more dry food (usually eaten by then) 

If you decide against dry food, I'd recommend feeding 4x a day. Keeping in mind to feed a couple of hours before bed. They can't go 12/13 or more hours without food.

Current foods are freshpet and Halo puppy (Holistic chicken, chicken liver) All 6 puppies like it. Its a rare thing. Very small kibble so its also easier to chew than some other puppy foods. If your an ingredient reader, you'll see its better than a lot of dry foods. Of course Fresh pet is better, and its better than any dry food. I have a routine so puppy's will adjust to either or both. There are food shortages, yep pets too. Around here Halo puppy is not being stocked. I am buying from Amazon. Freshpet can still be bought at petstores (much more expensive), kroger, publix and walmart. 

I will send home enough food for about a week. 

Halo puppy, freshpet roll.

Then I'll have a flip top can of chicken and a pull top of cesar food.

When traveling and wanting them to take a bite of food, your best chance is the chicken. If your home and they won't eat their freshpet, possibly the chicken will get them started eating. If not and last resort, the cesar food.

It might make stools a little too soft. But if not eating anything, they will usually eat the cesar. first couple days can be just working on them eating.

If you want them to eat, sit with them, near them, hold them what ever will work. But don't walk away. They'll just follow you and won't eat.

As always, contact me for any concerns.

Recommened Play gyms 

for use if left alone as new baby.

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